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Veterans Moving America is a values-based moving company that only hires veterans.  We are proud to be your Fort Worth mover, Dallas moving company, or your moving services provider anywhere within Texas.  

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VMA's #MovingTipMonday - 2/29/16

Zach Freeman

Veterans Moving America?s #MovingTipMonday, moving tips, Dallas movers, fort Worth movers.

Welcome to Veterans Moving America's #MovingTipMonday!  We know that moving is a stressful time for everyone and that moving can be complicated.  That's why we've decided to try and help by providing our readers with moving tips every Monday!  Subscribe to our blog to get notified whenever we post a new tip!

Today's Tip:

Stage rooms before your move to save time & money.

It's often the little things that can be done before a move that can have the biggest impact on time and cost.  One very easy thing to do that can save you a lot of time and money is room staging.  What is room staging?  We're happy to give you a few examples below:

  1. Stack all boxes in one area of the room.
  2. Take apart all beds and bed frames and stack the pieces neatly in one spot.
  3. Remove mirrors from dressers and other furniture.
  4. Remove pictures/paintings from walls and pack them in picture/mirror boxes.
  5. Be sure to leave walkways wide enough for your movers to move easily throughout the house while carrying furniture.

We know that the tips above may seem like they won't have a large impact on your move, but trust us, they do.  Homes that are properly staged maximized the efficiency of your moving team and will save you time and money.  That being said, do yourself (and your movers) a favor and stage your home before your moving team arrives!

Happy Moving!

-The VMA Family

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