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Veterans Moving America is a values-based moving company that only hires veterans.  We are proud to be your Fort Worth mover, Dallas moving company, or your moving services provider anywhere within Texas.  

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VMA's #MovingTipMonday - 1/11/16

Zach Freeman

Veterans Moving America's #MovingTipMonday

Welcome to Veterans Moving America's #MovingTipMonday!  We know that moving is a stressful time for everyone and that moving can be complicated.  That's why we've decided to try and help by providing our readers with moving tips every Monday!  Subscribe to our blog to get notified whenever we post a new tip!

Today's Tip:

Use sturdy/thick-walled boxes to help prevent damage & make your move your efficient.

One of the most important decisions you will make when planning for your move is where to get your boxes.  It may sound like a trivial decision, but in reality, your choice can make a big difference on the overall cost of your move.   Reusing old boxes or buying the cheapest boxes you can find might help save you some money in the short-term, but the long-term consequences of using used, cheap, or flimsy boxes can be much higher.

Used or cheap boxes tend to be worn down, creased, or thin. While packing these types of boxes individually may not be an issue, they can cause big problems and challenges when they need to be stacked on a moving truck.  For example, heavy boxes need to go on the bottom of a stack so they don't crush lighter boxes; but when those boxes aren't sturdy they lead to an unstable foundation. An unstable foundation can lead to stacks of boxes shifting during transit or, in some cases, entire stacks falling over.  When this happens, the contents of whatever is stacked on top (usually fragile items) can easily be damaged.

Another consequence of using used, cheap, or thin boxes is items being crushed.  Similar to the example above, flimsy boxes can collapse and allow their contents to be crushed.  Not a big deal if the box is full of books, but definitely not good if that box is full of your grandma's china.

Trust us, do yourself and your movers a favor and buy/use boxes that are sturdy and have thick walls.  They may cost a little bit more (probably not as much as you're thinking), but can go a long way in preventing damage and making your move go smoothly.

For more questions about where to find good boxes, contact VMA at or (817) 989-6362.

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