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Veterans Moving America is a values-based moving company that only hires veterans.  We are proud to be your Fort Worth mover, Dallas moving company, or your moving services provider anywhere within Texas.  

Tips of the Week Moving Blog

A series of tips to help you get moved into your home faster, courtesy of Veterans Moving America, written by Hannah Law

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Guest Post: 10 Interesting Tips To Avoid A House Moving Nightmare by CVL Interstate Removalists

Hannah Law

Moving can be difficult to coordinate, but with a few tips to simplify moving, you can avoid common pitfalls including packing, taxes, moving, bill of lading and more.

To avoid a nightmare move you have to make sure you research, plan, measure, and coordinate to ensure the smoothest process possible. Thanks to our packing service Helping Hands, we can take the hard work literally off your hands. 

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Tip 32

Hannah Law

Be sure you have a snack planned for after everything's in your new home.

Snack, lunch, dinner, whatever it is, you're going to be hungry and you may even want to treat your friends and family to a fun unpacking party! You're going to want to arrange a snack, because if you've been smart no food will have had to get moved from one home to another.

Tip 13

Hannah Law

Never put it off until later!

If you procrastinate with packing, you'll end up settling with poorly fitting boxes, badly sorted items, and no labels on anything. This doesn't help you, it doesn't help you movers; so start packing well before your moving date.

Tip 11

Hannah Law

Label Everything Fragile! Nothing could be worse than your Movers picking up some fine china and throwing it into their truck without knowing what it is.

Let your team know what's breakable and what isn't by simple process of writing it on the box. Movers are paid to be delicate with your valuables, so a good moving team will take care of your stuff. Make sure they know what they need to be careful with, though, because they'll be that much more attentive when taking care of your boxes.

Tip 10

Hannah Law

Stay on the same page as your Movers, because everyone needs the same information for everything to work out.

If you and the Moving team don't know either of you are doing, it could lead to disaster: something you wanted getting left behind, something you hated being taken with them, them packing everything against a system you've already set up. If you aren't all on the same side, a thousand things can go wrong, and you don't want any of them to happen.

Tip 9

Hannah Law

Fill your boxes, that way things are less likely to get thrown around and smashed.

If all you've got in a box is a piece of grandma's old china, it's going to be thrown around and probably end up shattering. You don't want that, so fill your boxes as best you can, then invest in peanuts. Little foam peanuts, bubble wrap, or even crumpled paper are all great ways to fill in the space that needs filling in a box so items don't start smacking into each other and smashing while in transit.

Tip 8

Hannah Law

Overfull boxes are boxes that are going to fall, smash on the floor, and ruin your day. DON'T OVERPACK BOXES!

Beyond Increasing the risk of fall and smash, overstuffed boxes can cause a lot of trouble when you're trying to stack things effectively. Boxes that bulge on the sides, bottom, or top are extremely difficult to keep in any kind of order and they make everything more precarious and likely to tip over. 

Tip 7

Hannah Law

Be sure to warn the movers about any big furniture BEFORE the move starts!

Give your movers the information they need; let them know about big couches, oversized lamps, that one chair that you love, and anything else that's a lot heavier than it looks. If you do, you can avoid some big surprises! Surprises = bad news on move day, so the more you plan and communicate with your movers, the better off everyone will be.

Tip 4

Hannah Law

Make sure your home is clean before you get moving!

Doing little things before your move, like cleaning and organizing your home, can help save you a lot of time and money on move day. Most movers charge by the hour, so the more efficient they can be when moving your items, the less you'll have to pay at the end of the day!

Tip 3

Hannah Law

Pack yourself an overnight bag!

We may deliver your stuff in a day, but that doesn't mean that you'll be able to unpack it all in an instant. There may be some things you want to grab right away, like a toothbrush, so you'll want them within easy reach.

Tip 2

Hannah Law

Don't label things for moving if you know you aren't going to use them.

Your team will give you a quote for everything you plan on moving, so if you add something you'll never use (like a piano you don't even know how to play), that gets added to the cost of your move. Don't kill yourself with unnecessary expenses, take only what you need to survive.