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1500 Northpark Dr., Ste 204
Fort Worth, TX, 76102
United States

(817) 989-6362

Veterans Moving America is a values-based moving company that only hires veterans.  We are proud to be your Fort Worth mover, Dallas moving company, or your moving services provider anywhere within Texas.  

Tips of the Week Moving Blog

A series of tips to help you get moved into your home faster, courtesy of Veterans Moving America, written by Hannah Law

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Tip 25

Hannah Law

Put the rooms your boxes are going to on their labels.

Making the unpacking process easier is a good idea, and when you have a lot of boxes you don't always know where they're going without opening them up. Avoid this by labeling the right room clearly on the box!

Tip 11

Hannah Law

Label Everything Fragile! Nothing could be worse than your Movers picking up some fine china and throwing it into their truck without knowing what it is.

Let your team know what's breakable and what isn't by simple process of writing it on the box. Movers are paid to be delicate with your valuables, so a good moving team will take care of your stuff. Make sure they know what they need to be careful with, though, because they'll be that much more attentive when taking care of your boxes.

Tip 2

Hannah Law

Don't label things for moving if you know you aren't going to use them.

Your team will give you a quote for everything you plan on moving, so if you add something you'll never use (like a piano you don't even know how to play), that gets added to the cost of your move. Don't kill yourself with unnecessary expenses, take only what you need to survive.